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When the COVID pandemic burned across the world in 2020 the United States found itself in an unaccustomed place. A country that presumed its superior capacity to deal with large problems instead flailed in its response—not only to the health threat posed by the virus but to the economic calamity and social unrest accompanying it.

When the crisis came where was leadership?

Paragraph 3: Prepared Leadership in the Age of Uncertainty illuminates the how of leading organizations in what promises to be a long era of uncertainty, of which the upheavals of the pandemic were only a taste.


Paragraph 3: Prepared Leadership In The Age Of Perpetual Uncertainty--From The C-Suite To The Battlefield

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“One of the best books I have read this year… The authors back up their ideas with
insider accounts of key moments in our recent history. Every single interview offers
something powerful.”
-Sanyin Siang, Professor at Duke University and CEO coach
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